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# [kiosks.adrianshort.org](https://kiosks.adrianshort.org/)

Static site generator for website to track BT InLink kiosks planning applications.
Static site generator for website to track BT InLinkUK kiosk planning applications.

## Environment variables

$ export KIOSKS_SITEURL=https://kiosks.adrianshort.org

[![Deploy to Netlify](https://www.netlify.com/img/deploy/button.svg)](https://app.netlify.com/start/deploy?repository=https://github.com/adrianshort/kiosks)

## How to build this site locally

### Setup - do this only once

1. `$ git clone git@github.com:adrianshort/kiosks.git && cd kiosks`
2. `$ bundle install`
3. [Sign in to Morph](https://morph.io/users/auth/github) with your GitHub account.
4. Go to your Settings page: https://morph.io/owners/YOUR-USERNAME/settings and copy your secret API key.
5. `$ export MORPH_API_KEY=123456abcdef` (use the actual key value given)

Add the `MORPH_API_KEY` to your `.profile` or `.bash_profile` file or similar as required so it's available for every shell session.

### Build - do this every time

1. `$ bundle exec bin/download` - gets the latest data from the scraper's API
2. `$ bundle exec bin/build` - builds the static site
`$ bundle exec bin/build` - builds the static site

The built site is now in the `_site` directory.

If you've got build/deploy to Netlify set up (see below), use `[skip ci]` in your commit messages to avoid triggering a build every time you `git push`.

## How to build and deploy this site on Netlify

Use Morph to send a webhook HTTP POST request to [Netlify](https://www.netlify.com/), triggering Netlify to build and deploy the site using the latest version of the data.

### Basic setup

1. Sign in to Netlify.
2. Click `New site from Git`
3. Connect your GitHub account.
4. Choose the `adrianshort/kiosks` repo to deploy, or your own fork of it.
5. Use these settings: Branch to deploy: `master`, build command: `bundle exec bin/download && bundle exec bin/build`, publish directory: `_site`
6. Click `Show advanced` and create a `New variable`
7. Key: `MORPH_API_KEY`, Value: `123456abcdef` (use the actual key value given by Morph)
8. Click `Deploy`. Netlify will now build and deploy the site.

### Set up a webhook to trigger automatic builds/deploys when the scraper finishes

1. Click `Site settings` for your Netlify site.
2. `Build & deploy` tab > `Continuous Deployment`
3. Click `Add build hook`.
4. `Build hook name` can be anything you like, eg `Morph scrape completed`.
5. `Branch to build` is `master`.
6. Click `Save`.
7. Copy the webhook URL, eg: `https://api.netlify.com/build_hooks/123456abcdef`.
8. On Morph, go to the Settings page for your scraper.
9. Click `Add webhook`.
10. Paste the webhook URL and click `Update Settings`.

Netlify will now build and deploy the site using the latest scraper data every time the Morph scrape succeeds.

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