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  Luke Smith c00894c126
Merge pull request #208 from thmtvz/patch-1 1 month ago
  thmtvz 772ca64d0c
Update emailwiz.sh 1 month ago
  Luke Smith 3716deadb2
Merge pull request #158 from fabian-thomas/dev 1 month ago
  Luke Smith 6cd64f5c2e
postfix-pcre added, not trusted 1 month ago
  Luke Smith 0409745a9d
Merge pull request #197 from SelfAdjointOperator/master 1 month ago
  Luke Smith bb81d52537
Merge pull request #194 from Theory-of-Everything/fork 1 month ago
  Luke Smith a371f9a569
Merge pull request #203 from simo981/patch-1 1 month ago
  simone 768e58b62f
Update emailwiz.sh 2 months ago
  Simone 012449456e
Prevented escape shell 2 months ago
  SelfAdjointOperator 591e1b528e
Reset umask to 0022 at beginning of install 4 months ago
  Theory_of_Everything e666164231 Fix: #178 leakage of public IP addresses in sent emails 4 months ago
  Luke Smith 4847043384
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:LukeSmithxyz/emailwiz 8 months ago
  Luke Smith 029edd8476
tweaks 8 months ago
  Luke Smith a008a2f108
Merge pull request #159 from ulisesvina/patch-1 9 months ago
  Ulises Viña ef8b1de329
Update README.md 9 months ago
  Fabian Thomas 8d63310c5f use domain instead of @ 9 months ago
  Luke Smith 1835ea2eb6
Merge pull request #157 from DimitrijeDobrota/Opendkim-can-not-open-PID-file 9 months ago
  Dimitrije Dobrota d2ecba48ae Fix: Opendkim won't start: can't open PID file? 9 months ago
  Luke Smith a0f5020585
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:LukeSmithxyz/emailwiz 11 months ago
  Luke Smith 0499eac5d2
disable ufw 11 months ago
  Luke Smith da38dd195e
Merge pull request #133 from kdkasad/master 1 year ago
  Kian Kasad 89bcffd1d6
fix typo in LICENSE filename 1 year ago
  Luke Smith e801955850
fix 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 5b451c7f2b
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:LukeSmithxyz/emailwiz 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 3a4a1378b7
minor tweaks 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 6b2f71708e
avoid bug 1 year ago
  Luke Smith ad923106a0
Merge pull request #127 from NiiggerLifeMatter/patch-1 1 year ago
  NiiggerLifeMatter 790a08bf9a
Update emailwiz.sh 1 year ago
  Luke Smith d3ce7d9fa6
fix #122 ; for older versions of dovecot 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 4c468aac9c
add color so people stop missing it 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 7371fb0d07
avoid deprecation, fix #112 1 year ago
  Luke Smith de3abfe086
fix #109 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 8dce9ba2d7
fix? sa-dovecot not integrated at start 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 6193302d96
Merge pull request #105 from michelangelo136/patch-1 1 year ago
  Michael Angel Papamihalis 6b15bbbff5
Update emailwiz.sh 1 year ago
  Luke Smith b95fdd9334
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:LukeSmithxyz/emailwiz 1 year ago
  Luke Smith e37db0b9ed
unimportant 1 year ago
  Luke Smith b50fb342f1
detect wildcard certs, fix #98 1 year ago
  Luke Smith c749c1dd60
Merge pull request #58 from DJAndries/master 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 41083d5ca4
Merge pull request #49 from Mqr10/master 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 24aa38ec12
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 9a61a69c0f
Merge pull request #77 from alpha-tango-kilo/enhance 1 year ago
  Luke Smith a60f347f2a
Merge branch 'master' into enhance 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 1ab9f432df
log in with full email addr instead of username 1 year ago
  Luke Smith c93deff4c2
Merge pull request #85 from lesha-co/master 1 year ago
  lesha 4b3fc1a5b8
Make README clearer about PTR record 1 year ago
  Luke Smith f41246d575
more robust 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 983b99e86d
fix #72 1 year ago
  alpha-tango-kilo 591d356dd2
Add extra troubleshooting, readability changes 1 year ago
  Luke Smith 0bdbbbef6d
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:LukeSmithxyz/emailwiz into master 1 year ago