Used for testing uk_planning_scraper Ruby gem in the Morph environment
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Scrape planning applications for a single council/authority

  1. Fork this repo to your own GitHub account.
  2. Sign in to Morph with your GitHub account.
  3. Create a new scraper on Morph.
  4. Choose your forked repo (single_authority_planning_applications) as the scraper code.
  5. In the Settings page for your scraper on Morph, create two Secret environment variables:
  6. Set MORPH_AUTHORITY_NAME to the name of your council, eg Hackney.
  7. Set MORPH_DAYS to the number of recent days you want to scrape, eg 7.
  8. Run the scraper.
  9. Use the Morph API to grab your scraped data or download CSV/SQLite files straight from your scraper page. You must be signed in to do that.
  10. On your scraper’s Settings page, tick the Auto run box to make your scraper run once per day.

This project is powered by the UK Planning Scraper Ruby gem.